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Need forklift repairs? It is recommended that a qualified forklift service technician diagnose the problem and complete the repairs. If you're attempting to repair your forklift yourself, there may be safety precautions you must follow. Check with OSHA or your state's safety regulating agency about safety regulations and requirements.

Not only should you practice safety while working on a forklift, but you should also make sure that when the maintenance or repair is completed, the forklift can be operated safely by you and your warehouse personnel. Schedule regular safety meetings with all employees who use your forklifts.

When replacing forklift parts, always make sure that the parts you install are approved by the forklift manufacturer. This will ensure that your forklift will operate as the manufacturer intended and will prevent malfunctions and safety concerns.

Always keep a log book of repairs completed and for regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance.  Some of the items you should inspect regularly are tires, tubes, oil, filters, wear and tear, grease joints, and more. Check the manufacturer's owners manual for a complete maintenance checklist.

When searching for a forklift parts supply company, find one that offers free technical support who can assist you and your service technician with troubleshooting problems. They should also offer recommendations for solutions to existing problems and suggestions to maintain and keep your forklift operating daily.